I’m All Puffed-up, Ah Ha Ha 🙂

The journey to enlightenment starts
with a single step of acknowledging dissatisfaction.

Dissatisfaction can either make us desire more, which only leads to more desire, or look for the cause of this dissatisfaction, and the need for satisfaction.

When we are genuinely fed up and depressed, we may feel that life is fruitless, and what we desired no longer appeals to us. Life does becomes fruitful, however, and isn’t a waste of time when we realise that our true nature – pure consciousness – no longer relies on external sources.

As long as there is a puffed-up self, there is
no love,
no path,
no enlightenment.

When we recognise our true potential,
we know love,
we know path,
we know that enlightenment is possible.

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