How Pure Consciousness Is Natural

While just perceiving through the senses, no thought is present. We might assume that, because we are seeing objects and events, thought is present. Not so. Being aware of just seeing is pure consciousness.

No elaborations needed. Our problem is that, in just perceiving and not being aware, we fall into the state of vacancy.

By merely recognising this state of vacancy, pure consciousness shines through again, because it never went away.

No elaborations needed.

How does recognising pure consciousness make my life better?

We are pure consciousness, beyond this and that, and perfectly happy. When this uncontaminated state of purity is forgotten, we become plain animal consciousness, trying to survive.

This self-preservation is the cause of unhappiness through reactions in the mind, and we go into our usual behaviour – our karmic-load.

In just perceiving, we are not reacting, and therefore we reduce the effect of accumulated ignorance – our karmic load. Our karma is our driving force laid down by our previous actions and reactions.

All that is needed in life is time and space to reflect and contemplate on this, and realise how perfect everything is.

What about all the horror going on in the world?
It is a perfect example of the build-up of illusion creating ignorance, when the only true reality is our natural state of pure consciousness.

Mind-intellect is never happy;
it’s always looking for achievement and the right conditions.

What is absolutely natural has no elaborations.

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