How Many People Can We Actually Talk To?

We can chat about this as opposed to that, but not about inner consciousness. All we wind bags do is puff up our side of the dungeon with mechanical cliches, and without anything original about our origin.

When we were young, we talked and talked into the night about the possibilities of life (all assumptions, of course 🙂 ). Then we grew up and had families and got jobs, and became influenced by those who no longer ask questions, but just chatted about this as opposed to that.

Then we found ‘spiritual’ groups, and wow! We’re back to mechanical cliches – we do this and this and this.

Within pure consciousness, there can be no disagreement, but the way in which we express that realisation, if at all, is dualistic. The non-dualistic is non-verbal, but there is still empathetic compassion.

Being at one with another is a very rare occasion.
In oneness, we merely have to be at one with foolishness.

Appearances, recognition and realisation
are spontaneously present in pure consciousness.

This is all we have.

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