Saving You From Yourself

Saving you from yourself is what teachings on consciousness are all about.
It’s a matter of understanding what is ‘you’, and what is ‘self’.

Our ‘self’ is ideas in the mind that consciousness clings to. This is called ‘ego’ in Greek, meaning ‘I’. Our I or me fixation clings to distractions and collects ideas/concepts to make more of ‘me’. That ‘me’ is our imitation world of ideas, where we believe in the reflections in the mind more than our own reality.

When the metaverse comes into play, our world will enhance this illusion.
Metaverse: a virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users.

Its other name is ‘technocracy’; the control of society by elite technical experts. Look how much we are already controlled through the internet.

If an idea isn’t rushed, then eventually the goal will be achieved without people noticing. All subtle distractions are meant to lure us away from our true reality into someone else’s false reality.

In truth, pure consciousness just observes the distracted self in action, wandering around like an animated corpse.

First, pure consciousness and self are seen as separate.
Then, through observation, they are realised as a unity.

A mirror and its reflection are two,
but are then realised as inseparable.

By virtue of one, the other is known.

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