Aware That We Cannot Meditate

That is meditation 🙂

Meditation is simply being aware – open, clear, empty consciousness.
That’s what we are
– but it’s possible to meditate, fall into vacancy and just drift off.

Within this pure awareness/consciousness,
there is no time to identify with an imitation self.

This self is a mind-construct that consciousness has become stuck on;
it’s like looking into a mirror and believing the reflection is what we are.

The self may meditate to get something out of it.
That is mind controlling us.

Real mind control is training the mind to calm down into silence.
Pure consciousness can just rest in panoramic vision, taking in the scene all at once.

We can allow this to happen anywhere, at any time; that is meditation.
Realising that this is occurring without an external cause is non-meditation.
Mindfulness meditation is living in an atmosphere that allows non-meditation / non-duality to happen.

I meditated for a moment and nothing happened.
I meditated for an hour and nothing happened.
I meditated for a year and nothing happened.
I meditated for twenty-five years and nothing happened …
… and realised that nothing happens.

Wanting to find was the illusion.
Pure awareness happens all the time;
it is timeless.

We don’t do anything to realise what we already are.

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