The Great Confidence Trick

The great confidence trick is to get us not to trust ourselves, but to trust others.

A confidence trick is an attempt to deceive a person or group after first gaining their trust. That deception then trickles down through a society – a meme that mimics. People learn a few ‘facts’, and confidently believe that they have the complete story.

This world of beliefs creates disbelief and division. We live in a polarity; we either accept the status of scientists, artists, musicians, religious leaders, governments and all the new nonsense, or we don’t.

The Sistine Chapel is a wonderful piece of work – glorious!
But what does it depict?
It creates a belief in better things to come.

We hear great music with complex harmonies,
but what does it accomplish?
It creates a belief in better things to come.

Religion makes people devoted to worship,
but does it do?
It creates a belief in better things to come.

Science knows the DNA of nano-technology,
but what do we hope for?
It creates a belief in better things to come.

It’s all very clever, but it keeps us bound to materialism. We fall in love with the form, and do not see the essence of what’s behind it all.

When we rely on others for truth,
we lose true confidence, and doubt and argue constantly.

We buy-in because others buy-in.
Buyer beware.

When we no long believe the Buddha,
we know what the Buddha meant.

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