An Example Of My Confused Thinking

I had to drop going to teachings, as my reliance was creating doubts.

On 11th January 2014, I wrote the post,“Thoughts ‘R’ Us” (it’s at the bottom of this page).

You can see that I put together of bits of odd ideas; they weren’t wrong per se – it just showed the confused state we can get into. Or was it just me?! It was earnestly written, but with little authentic personal realisation, being based on ideas I’d acquired that didn’t quite add up. I think it was because the teachings are associated with a different culture, which distracted from genuine, ordinary experience. The key to this was when I read the Buddha’s advice: “Don’t take my word for it; test it for yourself”.

I was squeezing myself into something I was not, which is the very opposite to what the original teachings are about. In other words, the teachings are too dressed-up in another culture, and that becomes a religion that creates strong adherence to this sort of display.

When I started, I wondered how the blog would turn out. Would it be a chronicle of wisdom or of stupidity? It was my attempt to become free from the state I was in at that time.

I’m a bit of a slow learner – it’s embarrassing 🙂

Thoughts ‘R’ Us 2
7th January 2023

We all have thoughts, and assume that they are us. But where do thoughts and ideas come from?
Thoughts are memories in the mind that groove out pathways in the brain. This is our set pattern by which we judge and react, affecting our behaviour. We maintain these memories with great affection, and this is how all sentient beings survive, through a memory bank of programming.

Thoughts ‘r’ not us.

Thinking is the spontaneous presence of consciousness while scanning past thoughts for information that is relevant to the present situation, and translating that experience now.

Then – most importantly of all – dropping the experience, not holding on to it as each situation is unique, and so becomes the path to enlightenment.

We need to realise the principle behind the experience,
rather than just having the experience!

Thoughts ‘R’ Us
11th January 2014

Where do they come from? Is it mind or essence?

We all have thoughts.
Maybe we think we shouldn’t …wrong!
We merely have to distinguish between clinging reactionary thoughts, and thoughts that translate experience without clinging.

One set comes from the mind, and the other from essence. Surprised?

When we habitually react, this comes from the conditioned mind. This is consciousness clinging to concepts stored, judges and reacts. It’s a sort of acquired programming, which we (distracted essence) replay and replay, fixing us as a caricature of conditioned responses. We then join a world full of programmed responses, walking about the planet like emotional robots, some with a low self image and some with an inflated self image. It all depends on into which class you place your self, through pride or inverted pride. It is all the same…this is the lot of a sentient beings.

However. There are thought responses from essence that are not part of this mechanical mindset. Here, when we say ‘thoughts’, we really mean ‘pre-thoughts’. Before a thought fully blossoms into words and images, there is a recognition, a pre-cognition. This is not necessarily extrasensory perception, but just a knowing. When you see someone from a distance, by just the stance or outline we recognise that person but haven’t given a name to them yet. It’s like that.

This is similar to having focused vision or panoramic vision. Usually when we look through our eyes, we see this and that in a 3D manner: everything appears solid, and we are hooked. The attention is constantly distracted.

Here is where we can take a huge leap in meditation. Become aware of your peripheral vision – everything is seen at once. Nothing is identified. Everything is just seen, and the seeing is also seen. That ‘just seeing’, without fabricating or embellishing anything, is essence…pure awareness. Now, if something is needed, we then focus and identify, do what is beneficial and return to panoramic vision.

To fine tune this, we merely recognise essence as emptiness, and are merely aware of awareness. Perception has refined to pure perception. So thoughts arise out of emptiness for the benefit of others …compassion.

It is in meditation that we can perceive the difference between thoughts in the mind which distract us, and thoughts arising out of emptiness expressing itself (essence love). This is where our own mind becomes the teacher: it teaches us to recognise the difference, when we are caught and held. Meditation is fine tuning this. Watching videos, reading books, hearing others cannot do this for you…you have to do it. You have to see.

The mind is for philosophers. Essence is for the Siddhi. Philosophers argue. Siddhis do not.

Incidentally, when essence is recognised as clarity, mind also has clarity, increasing intelligence. We no longer become bound up in the mundane, but released in the supra-mundane.

If this is difficult to understand, that’s okay: we just have to sort the subtle body out. This is where mantra, chanting, puja and yogic breathing exercises come to work as they calm the inner wind, settling the subtle body so that we can rest.

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