Is Life A Psychological Test?

It’s certainly challenging.

What is life to us?
Is it a play-house of beliefs
is it a system for a deeper understanding of the nature of reality?

Is life all about people mimicking one another? About fitting in, thinking how safe we are? If we need to feel safe, then fear is involved.

It is only when we find this play-life unfulfilling that we may turn to a deeper subject that is more challenging. That deeper subject is consciousness; without consciousness, we wouldn’t be here, but we ignore this fact. The truth is that we are consciousness which either plays in the karmic-play-house or investigates the karmic-play-house. Karma is the result of previous experiences and reactions, and is expressed in our every habitual response – or non-response.

Valuing consciousness is the key to early release
from our addiction to our karmic-play-house.

When we actually realise that we are pure consciousness, all challenges become inspirational, to bring an end to our habitual fixations and reactions which obscure our compassionate pure reality.

The karma-challenge certainly keeps us on our toes!

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