Consciousness Is So Ordinary

It is because consciousness is so ordinary (without distinctive features) that we ignore it for something more interesting. Unfortunately, this is especially so when the precious truth of our reality is elaborated upon in any way whatsoever with wordy discussions.

The purpose of our life is to realise that the essence of consciousness is what we are. It is beyond words. Still, we have to use words to get a feeling of what is meant. The essence of consciousness is pure, uncontaminated, intuitive knowingness that is empathetic to others’ suffering and misplaced views.

It is because of consciousness that anything and everything can be known: its simplicity is vitality important, and missed by intellectualisation and exotic terminology.

Mystery arises from the invention of words.
True recognition is done with a smile.
Pure consciousness is only realised in silence.

When we make something out of no-thing – emptiness – we become imprisoned by a self-identity (which is much encouraged in this world).

Being nothing special sets us free.

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