Apathy In Consciousness

Apathy is being indifferent to whatever goes on in our mind. We’d rather be drawn into what is going on ‘out there’. This is demonic activity in action = distraction/entertainment which is spiritual laziness. Spirituality is just pure consciousness, and nothing to do with religion. Religion merely fossilises consciousness into ritual.

“No, it doesn’t!”
Show me a religious person
who does not get upset
at someone not believing what they believe.

We are conscious beings, and yet we act unconsciously. Everything that we do and say is a routine projection in the mind, placed there by an unconscious environment.

We only think we are conscious
because we perceive things to which we react.
Even robotic vacuum cleaners can do that!

When we become consciousness-enthusiasts, we can see behind the scenes.

It’s fascinating.
It’s awakening.
It’s shocking.
It’s alive.
It’s spontaneous.

Above all, it’s being interested in others.

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