The proof of truth.

There isn’t any! Words are just words: their meaning is in the actual experience. We have to prove the truth – the ultimate truth – for ‘ourselves’, by investigating and practising. It is an internal understanding.

If we are still looking for truth out there, about this and that, it will only be a conventional impermanent truth, and the ultimate truth will always be missed. Even if you can prove that there are cities under the Antarctic or Arctic, or that aliens are walking among us, you will still be no nearer the ultimate truth! This knowledge will only leave you with even more questions…never ending questions about ‘them’…and not about you.

We are only here on earth for a very short while, and have no idea what form our next incarnation will take: it could be something running around on four legs! Do you want to spend this precious life obsessing about impermanent, trivial matters, or do you want to realise your own true nature, which will reveal the nature of everything?

We could die at any moment. Of what use is this trivial information?

There is no end to relative truth, as we are continually creating.

There is an end to ultimate truth, because empty essence encompasses everything!


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