What is it that lies between samsara and nirvana? Humour! Humour shines light on a mistaken view. It is Essence Love. It is the irony of something being contrary to what one expects – crazy wisdom, not a red nose.

From an ultimate point of view, nothing is real, but every thing is significant. The ultimate joke is competing with an illusion, believing it to be real, getting angry, while achieving nothing…accept more anger. We don’t need to give anything that has no reality, substance.

When we actually know the emptiness of everything, then when confronted with someone who believes everything is real, we can just smile and not take it seriously. But we can take their suffering seriously, with kind pacifying humour. That is the first of enlightened activity.

Being kind and spacious allows angry space to breath and be seen, without causing any problems. Humour is being generous, patient, disciplined, focused, and spacious. These are the five paramitas.

Funny, that…

Ultimately, Humour uses wisdom to clarify a mistaken views.

Relatively, Humour abuses wisdom to clarify a mistaken view.

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