The power of deception.

As there are levels of perception, there are levels of deception.
The levels of perception refine the truth.
The levels of deception cover the truth.
The problem is
Knowing which is which.

Oh that’s easy!” you might say.
Oh really?” will come the reply!

At every level of perception, pride is always ready to take over, and so perception can become deception. The deception is created by us, as we are holding on to some idea or piece of information. This is self-deception: we believe in something, which distracts us from reality – our true nature. This is a very subtle business, and is a process of uncovering, so each level is a precursor to the next and we have to let go – until there is no more learning.

The internet is full of fantasies with a little ancient truth thrown in, but often misunderstood. This is a distraction. It may be as simple as using soundbites such as, “I know!” or “We are all one.” to make us feel good. These are markers along the way, but we have to delve deeper into their meanings.

The truth is about our true nature – pure perception – and certainly not this physical temporary reality. But there are those who would bolster up their illusory fame with ancient truths, and try to draw you into their fantasy.

The Sun is the source of light.
The Moon uses the light of the Sun.
It has no light of its own.
Deception uses the light of perception
to deceive.
Be very aware of the power of deception.

As a side note: in Buddhism there are nine levels, known as ‘vehicles’. Each uses the same words, but the meanings change. In addition, there are nine levels of bodhisattvas, the tenth being buddha-hood. Not one practitioner would make any claims!

The Avatamsakra Sutra refers to the following ten bhūmis:

The first bhūmi, the Very Joyous

in which one rejoices at realising a partial aspect of the truth;

The second bhūmi, the Stainless

in which one is free from all defilement;

The third bhūmi, the Luminous

in which one radiates the light of wisdom;

The fourth bhūmi, the Radiant

in which the radiant flame of wisdom burns away earthly desires;

The fifth bhūmi, the Difficult to Cultivate

in which one surmounts the illusions of darkness, or ignorance as the Middle Way

The sixth bhūmi, the Manifest

in which supreme wisdom begins to manifest;

The seventh bhūmi, the Gone Afar

in which one rises above the states of the two vehicles

The eighth bhūmi, the Immovable

in which one dwells firmly in the truth of the Middle Way and cannot be perturbed by anything;

The ninth bhūmi, the Good Intelligence

in which one preaches the Law freely and without restriction;

The tenth bhūmi, the Cloud of Doctrine

in which one benefits all sentient beings with the Law (Dharma)

just as a cloud sends down rain impartially on all things.


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