How to recognise our previous incarnations

 It’s quite simple and logical: all we need to do is read our own tendencies.
We don’t need to feel guilty, as we have been everything, and we have been around for ever!

 If we look closely and objectively, we will see how we are. We might not like what we see, but there again it might be a relief! Either way, it’s a useful tool.

All our reactions come from the past – some from the recent past and some from the distant past. There are two aspects to our tendencies – nature and nurture. Our upbringing has had a great effect on us, but what of nature? Where did that come from?

 Karma is the result of previous actions and reactions, which leave an imprint in the mind: all we have to do is observe our actions and reactions. Whatever we are doing now, we have done it all before, but maybe not in the form in which we are now.

If you cannot make up your mind, and follow others…you could have been part of a herd!
If you are weary of life….you could have been a spiritual practitioner!
If you feel you are in the wrong type of body….you could have been the opposite gender!
If you find you like to eat vegetables…you could have been something furry!
If you like to eat meat…you could have been something with sharp teeth!
If you feel you come from the planet Zog B…you could have a tendency to fantasise…!

 It doesn’t matter what we were – it’s what we are now. And what we are now is merely an expression of ignorance of our true nature.

There are all sorts of tendencies, or feelings. Recognising this, we can develop empathy and compassion for others, because we know how it feels to do something or to be a certain way, without knowing why.

 Unfortunately, we may have beneficial tendencies and destructive tendencies.

We may have tendencies but do not meet the right opportunity for these to develop in this lifetime, maybe because we were half hearted in our previous existence.

Perhaps we have a mixture of tendencies that seemingly contradict one another: perhaps we were good at something, but were mean as well.

 There’s no point in obsessing about any of this. All we can do is stop reacting! Reacting is merely giving in to our own acquired programming. Our karma is programming left over from previous incarnations.

Therefore, we cannot blame anyone else (although this world is full of distractions). Neither can we feel guilty. We make the choices at every moment, but only if we know we have a choice.

 There are excellent opportunities, here and now, to sow seeds for a better incarnation. We cannot assume we will automatically have favourable conditions next time around. The moment of death is very important, as it sows the seeds for the next incarnation, but that moment of death is dependant on how we spent our life…

Our innate natural tendencies are truth and love.
Our acquired tendencies are ‘Me first’ and ‘What I think’.

Deep down, we want to know the truth and to be happy.
We also want this for everyone else.







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