We are experts at negativity

 Or rather…the mind is an expert at negativity. We know this. How do we know this? Conscience! We actually feel uncomfortable when the mind expresses negativity. We know this. Why? Because conscience is none other than what we are – pure essence!

 Pure essence is as clear as crystal. When this is recognised, compassion simply arises naturally. Conscience cares. We all know this.

 When the mind is being negative, we know exactly what it is doing. Even if we have zero empathy, we still ‘know’. That is why the more the negative or evil the action, the more the inner conflict, and the more we place ourselves in hell!

 We can never get away from knowing, precisely because that is what we are…knowingness-conscience.

 What has happened is that over time we (pure essence) have so identified with taking a form of body-mind consciousness, that we desire comfort and feel aversion to anyone or anything that disturbs that comfort. This mind-body consciousness spends most of its time defending and attacking…puffing itself up.

 Conscience is none other than our true nature: it is pure and clear.

When this conscience claims a self-identity, we create a personality – something seemingly solid and real, but which lacks an existence of its own. Feeling conflict between conscience and personality, this diverted essence then has to protect what we have created, and this gives rise to aggression and ego activity.


When we lack empathy, we separate from others and live in hell.
Zero empathy is absolute separation, and so we live in absolute hell.

 Conscience speaks in silence.
It doesn’t have to say anything.
It knows.

You know it knows.






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