Don’t Miss The Bliss

True emptiness is bliss
True relief from fabricating is bliss
True confidence in recognition is bliss
True joy in knowing is bliss
True compassion and devotion is bliss

Bliss can easily be missed. What is bliss, or ecstasy? It’s a feeling of totally giving up and letting go. The effect can be anything from deep relaxation to goosebumps, tingles and tears* but these are not obligatory – we’re all different.

How does bliss come about? It’s simply awareness of nothing doing. Emptiness, which is pure empty space, is like another dimension to our conventional reality which we are unfamiliar with but which is naturally present, constantly, all by itself. The whole point of practice is to become familiar with this natural state.

However, we may find that this bliss is enjoyable, and we want it to last. This subtle wanting creates an earnestness, a tension; we are starting to try too hard to maintain it. Effort is being applied which obscures the effortlessness of bliss, and we feel tired. This is subtle clinging. It could be that we now want relief from our endeavours, and so stop the practice. We want to veg-out!

Instead of giving up, merely veg out a little and relax…and there it is again – bliss. No pills needed!

Tulku Urgyen stated, “Short moments, many times” to stop both clinging and drifting, and which emphasises the Buddha’s words, “Not too tight and not too loose”. Barely rest in meditation. The moment we stop meditating, there is meditation.

Vegi-Bliss:The meditators’ friend at every moment!”

*One could say it’s like the moment before ejaculation – subtle energy, which is then wasted.

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