Is Our Karma Our Guide?

The recognition that we are seeing through a habitual bias is an extremely subtle business: “we see through a glass darkly”. We needn’t feel guilty about this because the moment that we become aware of this mechanical intrusion, we wake up for a moment: we truly wake up when we become aware of awareness that is pure and empty.

Unfortunately, it seems that when we become aware that we are just repeating ourselves – going through the motions – we feel embarrassed and justify with more of the same. This is especially so if we do not have the understanding and vocabulary to explain honestly how we feel. Firstly, we have to recognise and know what is going on, and step aside.

Every movement we make in body, speech and mind is a product or result of our past actions. We built the picture. We are so rehearsed in our acting, and have learned and repeated our lines for so long that the actions of body, speech and mind just spew out. Of course, this is easier to see in others than ourselves, but can serve as a reminder: it is the dust in our own eye that matters.

The results of karma (programming) are happening at every moment, and at every moment we are creating more of the same. As this is continuous at every moment – each moment creating the next – awareness can cut through this continual chain reaction at any moment. It is the awareness that creates a pause and staggers our response. This staggering breaks up our reactions. We don’t just go into full flow along our well-worn tracks: we take a second or two to evaluate, and sometimes we may have to pull the emergency cord and bring the whole train of events to a halt.

When shunyata (emptiness) is known, then anything that interrupts shunyata is our guide back to shunyata. This is ‘goodness’ or ‘rightness’. ‘Badness’ or ‘wrongness’ is indulging and obsessing about the thing that is interrupting the clear view.

Conscience, intuition, intention could be seen either as our own awareness, or as deity activity, guardian angel activity. Whatever suits our way – and works – must be right. I’m always having to correct myself – or do I have a guardian angel that reveal my karmic attitude? Who knows? Things happen in life and we might wonder, “How did that come about?” The law of attraction or the law of repulsion? Who knows?

Everything that happens is our teacher.

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