Making Sense Of Dzogchen
is nonsense

Dzogchen is a Tibetan word for a style of experiencing the essence of compassionate, primordial purity of luminous awareness. It’s what we actually are; the reality of being.

Other styles have other names: all practices of doing ‘something’ are to arrive at this self-aware, pure, awakened nature.

It’s just there, waiting to be recognised.
By whom?

This gentle simplicity sends waves of contentment throughout the body and mind.
“Is that all?”
“That’s all.”
“What a relief.”
Meanwhile we have to accept that we still won’t give up trying to make sense of it all. 😀

Why nonsense? Dzogchen is the ultimate state and so there are no more questions.
Non-doing is letting go, or surrendering: we are letting go or surrendering to an opponent or powerful influence that is found not to exist: we are no longer fighting this imaginary ‘I’. We are at once the prisoner and the jailer, and therefore we have the key – and the door opens.

However, can we just walk away with the key when we notice that other prison doors are still locked?

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