Stop Pushing Your Replay Button

We repeatedly replay the past in the present, which has an effect on the future, and so we worry and suffer. The replay button becomes an addiction. Could it be that, by replaying, we hope this will make ‘it’ better? Are we keeping our pain alive as a forfeit, because we feel inadequate? Could we be cherishing our suffering?

Interestingly, we don’t replay the nice things as much as the bad things. There were events in the past that we wish we could change, but what happened in the past was all we could do then.

We are here to learn and evolve into what we truly are; pure consciousness. To do that, we need to drop the emotional attachment to everything and everyone. Then we can love! The thing that keeps us in ignorance is the continuity of a previous moment of impure consciousness. Impure consciousness is full of emotions that bind us, and give rise to a contaminated love.

Why do we keep pressing that button? Guilt, anger, fear, pride, jealousy. All these stem from ignorance of what we truly are, which is pure, uncontaminated consciousness. Pure, uncontaminated love. This is the only constant throughout life, but we dwell on the impermanent to try and make it real, when all things and people must pass. That is the illusion in which we live.

That replay button could be us getting caught up in a guilt trip, an experience of feeling guilty about something; such guilt is self-indulgent and unjustified. Could I have done more? We acted – or didn’t act – in the past because that was how we were in the past. That was our capacity at that time, and we fear that our present and future will be the same. We are eternally suffocating ourselves because we don’t live up to our idealised sentiment of perfection.

Guilt is close to remorse, and remorse is close to regret. Regret isn’t a bad thing – if it stops us doing it again.

Stop pressing that button.

Pure consciousness is the only reality, now. When we think about the past or future, this is a contamination of the present, where the past and future do not exist. Emotions arise from past experiences and are carried in the subtle body: we project these into the future, and we freeze up. There is no fear right in the present moment: we only have to be mindful. Such is my experience when going up a ladder … 😀

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