Humans – Monkeys or Lizards?

Homo sapiens means ‘wise man’ … or perhaps the attempt to appear wise – clever monkey!

Actually, most of us have more in common with a dinosaur, which means ‘terrible lizard’ as we are mainly governed by our primitive, reptilian brain. “Hmm…freeze, fight or flee?” This is our ‘normal’ human response – ignore it, desire it or fear it. Either way we react, we could be called ‘sapient-saurs’ – clever reptilians with monkey minds.

We assume that we are the pinnacle of evolutionary development, but we, as individuals and collectively, allow others to investigate life for us, not realising that scientists think of us as machines. But who controls these scientists? The answer to this will depend on how we have been programmed.

We can become homo sapiens – wise humans – when we drop the monkeying around with our reptilian instincts, clever though it is. At the moment, we are the ‘missing link’ to our full potential of becoming enlightened beings. If I was an alien looking at humans, I’d definitely think, “They have something missing!” 😀

If we were enlightened, no one could control us. At the moment, we are still living in the illusion of ‘monkey see, monkey do’, copying others’ hopes, fears and indifferences.

The wisdom of the Buddha’s teachings are the most precious in the entire, limitless universe, and should not be taken for granted as mere philosophy. Until we wake up, we will remain in monkey minds and lizard brains.

Realise Your Predicament:
Realise how important knowledge of your predicament is.
Realise how valuable the Buddha’s teachings are.
Realise how much we take these teachings for granted.
Realise how much we get wound up!


Reptilian mind is enlightened mind.
Not many people know this.
Not many people will explain this.

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