Clearing The Darkness Of Ignorance
Anyone can do this 😀

There is only one key that can unlock the door in the darkness of ignorance – and it’s therefore the very same key that keeps it locked. And that key is awareness.

Ordinarily, in this conventional world of conformity, awareness keeps us bound and imprisoned to this material life, because awareness is unclear of its true nature (in this context, ‘awareness’ means the faculty of consciousness). As it is not clear, it relies on memories and judgements of previous material moments (our karmic programming), and is thus impure consciousness. Therefore, awareness is relative, conventional truth which is constantly relating. True, as sentient beings, we have to eat and find shelter, but not to the extent that this entertains us, and occupies our entire life. If we are spiritually inclined, then we know when we have enough, and so we have time to be spacious.

From a spiritual point of view, awareness keeps us interested in and distracted by activities, and so we become inattentive to our true nature. Awareness can also make us fearful, tormented and worried – and awareness can also become so ordinary that we don’t see what is going on.

Do you notice that this has just described the three poisons? Desire, aversion and indifference! This is normally where our awareness goes, and so, we remain in the dark.

How do we turn the light of clarity on? It’s already on! It is awareness itself. When awareness stops looking outwards and looks into itself, what does it find? Nothing really, nothing truly, no reality but itself. It’s absolutely empty of anything but awareness. That is the clarity of pure consciousness.

The light of clarity is available to all sentient creatures if they can hear and understand the teachings. Before we start looking for the light in the sky, look for the light within. We have been told this for thousands of years. When are we going to have confidence in this extremely simple reality?

We do not need a strange name or special title to realise our true nature: it’s what people have in common.

Awareness is relative truth.
Emptiness is absolute truth.
The unity of these two is pure awareness, pure consciousness.

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