Fault Finding And Holding On…
is the path to perpetual torment.

As humans, there is no end to fault finding, so there is no end to suffering. We find fault with others, and they find fault with us. It’s part of our culture: “We good, them bad”. This hatred (for that is what fault finding is) is supposed to make us feel better. But it doesn’t; it’s just the devil in us that can never find happiness.

The key to our problems of lacking love, compassion and devotion is this fault finding, this condemning, this nitpicking.

The solution to fault finding is the recognition that it is taking place, and that holding onto this fault finding merely makes us miserable. Just admit it; “There I go again!” The very moment of true recognition is the moment of true release. This is due to ever present pure awareness that activates our conscience.

Conscience turns fault finding into discernment, the same way that anger is transformed into wisdom. We can now approach life with intelligence. Every moment, something needs to be brought back to balance, to be tidied up, but first we have to have mind and essence in balance to see clearly.

An example:

I worry about everything – I always have. I assume that certain people don’t like me or the blog. I have a lifetime of being told off for not conforming! Then I realised, a few days ago, that the people who were fault finding just didn’t have to ability to care: they weren’t able to do otherwise because we are all sentient and still governed by hopes and fears – there was nothing more malicious to it than that! Realising that people fault find, there is no need to counter fault find in retaliation Wow, that was such a relief! I don’t condemn them for it, and I no longer have to hold onto the worry! Yippee!

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  1. crestedduck says:

    ~: } No denying the truth in this post for me , both the relative and absolute are there to see !

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