Awakening Compassion
means waking up to our reality.
It means love … even though!

When we realise our own true nature, compassion naturally arises in recognition that all sentient beings want happiness, and that this happiness is hidden from them. This perfect, absolute nature is nothing other than pure awareness, pure consciousness, pure essence-heart. The problem is that we keep ignoring it! 😀

Being aware is the starting point, and – when this awareness is seen as pure – it is also the end; the alpha and the omega!

Having realised this pure nature, we now realise that every other sentient being has the very same perfect nature. They are unaware that awareness – when recognised – realises that it is uncontaminated spirit.

But sentient beings find themselves enmeshed in conventional, conceptual fixations, and they therefore cannot perceive clearly. There are gaps in understanding, and this gives rise to the defensive emotions that cloud the view.

What a difficult lot we are. But through empathy – having the ability to understand another’s feelings – compassion arises, and even love.

The starting point is to recognise that we sometimes cannot cope, which brings about empathy for others. This brings about compassion, which can eventually bring about unconditional love. All we need is the right motivation. That motivation is to remain in undistracted, inner peace.

Love is understanding,
because we have
been there,
done that,
and suffered.
We love … even though.

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