It’s Obvious, But Not Obvious

“Let food be thy medicine,
and medicine be thy food.”
Hippocrates 460-370 BC

Good food is just as relevant now as it was then! Healthy food, healthy body, healthy brain, healthy mind, healthy being. All creatures need to eat and drink to survive: it’s good food that keeps us alive and running well – good, uncontaminated food.

Contaminate: make something impure by exposure to or addition of a poisonous or polluting substance.”

It is a shock when we realise that some people just cannot be trusted. But they can be trusted to think of greed first and ignore the wellbeing of others. Making the production of food easier (but not necessarily of better quality) and more convenient has caused dependency on processed food, food with hidden sugars, fast food. Indifference and a lack of education and interest in the purpose and importance of food and its ingredients have had a detrimental effect on our health – and therefore, our minds.

Is giving children food with excessive amounts of sugar the first step towards the acquisition of an addictive personality? Addiction is a mental health problem.

Eating the correct food is our natural medicine. If the food we eat is actually just a filler, then it is neither food nor medicine. Not being medicine, we now rely on the alternative of pharmaceutical products, which sounds like a recipe for disaster.

The longterm effect of taking extra chemicals into our bodies will have a side effect on the brain. Cheap imports, cheap ingredients, cheap dyes, cheap packaging … it all adds up.

When we don’t feel well, it is difficult to concentrate, let alone meditate. Bad food leads to tiredness and a befuddled attitude. We are already walking about in a dream, and this only makes it worse.

All we have to do is be aware. This is where meditation can help. Unfortunately, if our body’s immune system has broken down too far, then we may have to resort to modern medicine and/or look more closely at our diet. In this modern age, it is truly difficult to know what to trust. The decision is always ours. We may even have to understand that we live in a defective world and accept the consequences. The most important thing is the state of our mind: even being very ill, our mind can still be at peace, which is especially important at the moment of death.

Eat well. Think well. Be well.

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  1. su says:

    Remember reading Castaneda, many years ago. Carlos asked Don Juan “So, when we eat, what are we eating?” Don Juan said “Consciousness”. Changed my eating habits, right there. 🙂

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