Happiness Begins
when expectation ends.
And how subtly we are led astray.

The English dictionary describes happiness as ‘contentment’ or ‘satisfaction’. Contentment is described as the ‘fulfilment of expectations’. So, if our expectations are not fulfilled, we become unhappy? Isn’t that conditional happiness? A happiness relying on conditions? If there is conditional happiness, then there must be unconditional happiness; a happiness that does not rely on conditions. No expectations! No expectations because our pure being needs nothing – it is already happy; its nature is happiness. Happy for no reason.

We are taught to ‘better’ ourselves. and so we expect and expect, creating a fantasy world of ‘good’ things to come: the corporate ideal of perfect customers. This will not only keep us on the edge, it will push us over.

When we do something mindfully and consciously, we feel our way and we learn, and then we know. This is not expectation; it is knowledge. Knowledge is satisfying. But, in fact, what actually happens is that we do the same things over and over again, hoping life will get better. All we achieve is being frazzled, and burnt out. To quote a famous saying, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Peace and happiness begin when expectations end. In the moment ‘now’ there are no expectations, but just awareness, which then may be expressed or displayed, or be something we walk around in! What could be more peaceful than emptiness, where there is no pushing, no pulling and no competitiveness? Being in perfect peace is happiness.

We may ask the question, “Am I happy?” If we find we are neither unhappy nor vacant, then we are happy. We are happier than we think. Recognising that is wisdom.

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  1. tony says:

    I just asked my wife, “Are you happy?”
    She said, “Well, I’m not unhappy, so I must be happy.”

    What a great quote!

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