What Are You Like?

We are all a certain type, and have a certain manner – a settled way. This is due to both our long line of karma and to outside influences. There is no point in fighting it: we just have to be aware that we have a certain … attitude … which we are stuck in. This is where we are now, but this manifestation can change and be refined by removing impurities or unwanted elements, which would be those negative emotions of pride, jealousy, anger, fear etc. It all depends on what we feel is most important for real change to occur, by working with what we have – what we seem to be, which is our conventional, relative reality – and what we have is our spiritual path, which is our confusion.

We may find that, even though we want to change, we keep coming back to a settled way. So be it. Our devotion and compassion has a certain intensity, which may not be to another’s taste. So be it.

It is the same with everything we express: others may approach things in a harder or softer way. So be it.

Consciousness is energy. We all have a certain energy. We all have a pattern. Be happy with that, as this is our spiritual path. We don’t know what the future will bring, and we don’t know what death will bring. All we can do is be reasonable by letting go of our anger etc, and accepting what we are like now. This is so important as, in this, we then accept all those things that have happened to us throughout our life, and realise that this also applies to everyone else. It’s all done and gone. We simply have to let go of blame and guilt. All projections are in our mind, and all come to pass.

We might say, “I can’t stop being angry”, “I cannot be happy”, “I can’t love”, “I do not know my true nature”. Merely look into that which notes this anger, this unhappiness, this lack of love, this confusion about our true nature – and there you are. That’s exactly it!

It’s like sitting in a train. Everything is flashing past … clickity-click, clickity-click … and we just sit there noticing. In this absolute moment, each flash is neither good nor bad. Everything comes to pass … comes to pass, comes to pass … clickity-click, clickity-click, clickity-click … If we try to hold on to each flash, then the judgement of good and bad sets in: we get involved and lose the present moment of spontaneous wakefulness. We suffer.

What are we like? We suffer in a certain way.

It’s all about the relationship we have to everything, and the degree to which we cling.
When we stop holding on to our relationships, everything is smooth and silent.
No more disturbing noise.

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