Truth Is Freedom

“And the truth will set you free!”
And the truth is not what we think we believe.

The truth is that we are already enlightened beings, but are encrusted with doubts and confusion. We’ve become so accustomed to this confused state that we think it’s normal. We humans are a resilient lot: we keep being squashed and then spring back to our habitual position, like the self-fulfilling prophecy of a memory foam mattress. 😀

This is not freedom.

Imagine a town you know, and travel mentally down the roads. We find we can only travel down roads that we’ve actually experienced: trying to move beyond these, we find ourselves in a blurred state, and have to return to familiar routes. Thus, we go round in circles.

Our experience of life is like that, unless we ask questions – and keep asking them. Remember that the meanings of words change as we progress and refine. At a base level, negative emotions are poisons. At the middle level, they are medicines; consider, for example, jealousy. At an ordinary level, jealousy is destructive, but the fact that we have recognised a quality in someone else (which inspired the jealousy) means that we possess that very same quality but have not yet met the favourable conditions for it to manifest. At the highest level, the negative emotions are wisdoms.

The more we recognise and clear away confusion and doubt about our true nature, the more we realise our enlightenment. All we have to do is re-cognise this fact. Truth is not something made up, and neither is it something to believe. Truth is that which is forever constant, and has no beginning and no end. And we know it! It is pure consciousness that is knowingness itself. It is inner knowledge available to all … now!

Since you were a child, has consciousness ever changed? That which we are conscious of changes, but not consciousness itself. Consciousness itself is pure consciousness. It is that which sets us free from a confused, doubting, impure consciousness.

The truth that sets you free breaks the code of the illusion by which we consented to live.

The illusion is that we make “Much Ado* About Nothing” – and we are led to believe that we have much to do, and make much ado about it. 😀

*Ado: a state of agitation, fuss.

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