Waking Up And Staying Awake
is coming to our senses.

Coming to our senses
is being mindful of whatever is taking place.

Mindfulness leads to awareness,
and awareness leads to pure consciousness.

At every moment, we have a choice, and we don’t have to do anything. We are so familiar with doing things that we remain distracted, and stay in our allotted place. We doze in servitude.

ūüėÄ Familiar: Middle English¬†(in the sense¬†intimate‚Äô,¬†‚Äėon a¬†family¬†footing‚Äô): from¬†Latin¬†familiaris, from¬†familia:‚Äėhousehold servants, family‚Äô, from¬†famulus¬†¬†‚Äėservant‚Äô.

We awaken the moment we come to our senses, because the senses themselves are non-conceptual: they merely experience. Just because we see does not automatically mean that thinking is taking place: there is just seeing. Likewise, the mind, when clear, just experiences without judgemental reactions. The moment that we start to judge, we enter a mind state, a dream state, and doze in the illusion of reality ‚Ķ ‚ÄúMove on. Nothing to see here.‚ÄĚ

We are awake when we recognise that we are dreaming.

In this state of clarity, intelligence addresses that which needs to be addressed and drops that which needs to be dropped. We don’t have to be doing all the time ‚Äď silence is golden!

When listening, just hear.
When looking, just see.
When touching, just feel.
When tasting, just taste.
When smelling, just smell.
When thoughts and reactions arise,
we acknowledge them,
and let go.

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