Careless Minds

Our mind wanders: it collects ideas, replays and projects.
In this state, it is a mischief maker, a gossip, an intruder.
It entertains … but whom? The watcher.

Contagious mind distracts our enlightened nature.
These ideas become a problem when they’re not noticed.
These same ideas become wisdoms when they are noticed.

When carelessness is recognised, attentiveness is present.
They are inseparable: by virtue of one, the other is noticed.
This is the two truths in unity.

The purpose of meditation is non-distraction; to be aware.
Being aware, we notice that there is nothing other than awareness.
That is pure awareness, empty essence. It’s what we are.

If we become careless and sloppy, we become vulnerable,
and can be exploited.

When the mind is attentive and clear, it has insights
into both unenlightened activity and enlightened activity.

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