The Epidemic Of Surveillance
keeps us part of the conspiracy.

The epidemic of surveillance in our society – evident through CCTV, fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, virtual money, etc – is creating a profile of each of us, and stealing our personal identity. Everything we do will require full personal identification … this is where we heading.

Being accustomed to this, we unconsciously become part of this surveillance machinery when we consent without questioning; we go along with it to ensure ‘our safety and convenience’.

Our personal profile is fixed when it’s compiled into data on a computer. Everything about us is known (or will be), and this may be used against us by anyone acquiring this information. Our tendencies are being harvested, under the guise that such information is for our benefit.

Becoming attached and reliant on digital machines, we merge into the machine. It is now controlling us as we constantly refer to it for advice. The machine has made itself indispensable; certain facilities are free for a reason.

We have forgotten to be masters of our selves, and now live within an illusion of mastery over ourselves.

So what can we do?

The point is that we can recognise that we are being manipulated, and so we need to question everything we think and do while being aware that our thoughts could be someone else’s thoughts, and that we may be playing someone else’s game. Being moulded into a consumer identity is not what we are here for.

Outer surveillance is making sure that we don’t see what’s going on!
Inner surveillance is our own pure consciousness that sees everything that is going on.
Don’t ignore it.

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