Why Do We Fear Others’ Spirituality?

The way that others see things may not be the way we see things. That’s okay, as we are unique in our personal path – our own confusion – but there is nothing special in our potential as we all have Buddha nature, which is an enlightened nature.

It is this uniqueness that can create fear: as a result, certain topics seem taboo, because we hold on to our path’s uniqueness when, in reality, our path is only a means to an end. The only reason that I can see for this fear is a limited view, limited empathy and limited understanding.

There are many paths of confusion, and each of us has to unravel this confusion. It seems, however, that most just want more of the same because, through experience, trauma, wounds and training, our brains have become wired a certain way. If this is the case, then it is extremely difficult to find people to really talk to as we all have different, set, neural pathways. We need the correct company in order to communicate, otherwise life could be frustrating and depressing.

Encountering the spirituality of others shouldn’t be a battleground. But let’s be honest, it is, because this area of investigation throws our own faults into the spotlight. Meeting in empathy (a ‘meeting of neurons’) – is really rare, even with spiritual teachers. If we practise – I mean, truly practise – in our conduct, then we will upgrade realisation through the expansion of space; the realisation of our potential becomes more evident – but then, there will be fewer people with whom we can communicate on that level.

Others may prefer a tight space of dogma. That’s okay. We will all gradually evolve in our own time, and through this understanding, fear drops away and we stop hoping 🙂

Most fear spirituality. This is because of the way in which spirituality is being ‘culturalised’. To deal with the here and now, when in the jungle, think jungle.

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