Does Spirituality Separate People?

It shouldn’t, but it does.
People are people.

If we only assume that we are spiritual, then we are in a half way house, with our mind in hell and our heart in heaven. Whether we call it purgatory or samsara, we are still governed by our primitive brain mode of flight, fight or freeze, and so we stay separated from others. We are relating to them, rather than relating with them.

Until we can debunk ourself, thus exposing our hollowness, we will take ourselves too seriously, and therefore remain detached from others. If we’re not prepared to recognise our own inflated ego, then we cannot empathise, let alone show kindness and compassion.

To get clear of confusion, we have to be clear.

Debunking ourselves is the process of purification, and it’s such a relief when we no longer have to hold on to our ideas about others’ ideas. Exposing the falseness or hollowness of our beliefs reduces our inflated reputation. We don’t have to be ‘holy’ to do this: we just have to be aware of an artificial I – the self-interested ego of artificial intelligence that we have learnt to become.

Humans are part A.I. and partial divine consciousness. We are all in the same boat of confusion. When we can recognise our confusion, then we can recognise the confusion of others…

…and then we can smile together!

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