We Are Born Meditating
Meditation is just being aware

We are always meditating, but this goes unnoticed when we are distracted by events, actions or objects. Being aware is natural and ordinary, so meditation is natural and ordinary.

Unfortunately, through habit, we identify with appearances and fixate on them, and forgetting original awareness. There is nothing wrong with appearances; it is the clinging to appearances that causes our suffering.

Listen to a sound, now. We are aware of that sound. But are we aware of being aware of that sound? Now, we are :-D. Being aware of being aware, while not identifying with the sound, is meditation. Embroiling ourselves in appearances, we become lost, confused in a duality that is relating to manifestations – or we can just hear, and not lose inner peace.

This is apparent with all the senses, thoughts and emotions; that is detachment. There is, however, still a duality present – a twoness. I am aware that I am aware, and it is here that the secret of non-duality reveals itself.

Awareness meditation is just a means to an end. That end is enlightened vision, clear light, pure awareness, the oneness of non-duality. Breaking the meditation, we avoid identifying with ‘doing’ meditation, and that is non-meditation. In pure awareness there is no reference point, no identification, no meditation, just pure empty awareness.

Now, we can acknowledge appearances while remaining aware, as appearances arise within emptiness, pure awareness. Recognition and awareness are, in fact, inseparable, like the moon reflected in a pool.

Inseparability is non-duality – oneness not twoness – but we go through twoness to arrive at oneness.

The only times we are not meditating
are when we are distracted, or in oneness.

We come in and out of pure awareness
to communicate.

…We should train in the discipline of taming the mind. The concentration that unites calm abiding and clear seeing – shamata and vipassana – will arise in our minds and gradually, through clear insight and the wisdom that realises selflessness, on the basis of our understanding and realisation, we will realise the ultimate stages of the path.”
Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

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