Who Rules The World?

Actually, this is the wrong question. Before we can ask, “Who rules the world?” we must ask, “What rules the world?” All sentient beings – and the entire universe – are governed by attraction and repulsion. Because we are all governed by these forces, we are all rulers!

The stronger these forces are, the more obsessed and desperate we become, and the more power we desire. This isn’t exclusive to corporations and governments: our family, friends, acquaintances, neighbours, and the person sitting on the adjacent meditation cushion, are all governed by attraction and repulsion – in other words, desire and aversion.

What created these two forces that control us all?

It is ignorance or indifference to our true nature – natural, pure, compassionate consciousness. Consenting to be governed by attraction, repulsion and ignorance, we created impure consciousness, which is constantly occupied by self interest.

This self interest is ego clinging. The devil is our own ego, as we project attraction, repulsion and ignorance on to others. Until enlightenment, we will be attacked by these forces. The subtler our practice, the subtler these demonic energies become.

We are free in the moment of seeing.
That is all we have to do.

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