Thoughts Are Not The Problem

Thoughts are not the problem.
The problem is fixating on thoughts;
this fixation can last a lifetime,
creating our persona, our mask, our act.

In being fixated, we prolong a feeling; we hold on to it, we become it. It’s our security line to whomever we think we are, and we are not going to give this up easily, are we?

The point is that thoughts will naturally arise, and we do not have to block them. It’s fixating or obsessing about them that causes us heart ache, and controls our lives. This, in turn, affects others around us. The knock-on effect is that the whole population of planet Earth is hidden behind masks. We all fear being exposed, and this makes it a very tense world. We can’t complain about it because we are part of it; that would be like sitting a traffic jam, complaining that there’s a traffic jam!

We cannot expect the world to change for us. That is not going to happen. It is we who have to change our attitude towards our ideas. As we realise that our thoughts come from the collective, we realise that we are all in the same jam.

If we try to block our thoughts, we will make them seem real. Our thoughts are merely products from our past, and all we have to do is allow them to be, and let them pass, rather than reacting to them. We need space in order to be able to stand back and see – and then recognise whatever is taking place, whether beneficial or harmful. Meditation brings this clarity and, as a result, empathy and compassion.

We don’t have to be ‘us’: we can be whatever the situation demands. In the traffic jam, we do not have to ‘wait’: we can just sit.

Lose the fixation.
Lose the tension.

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