It’s Been A Cringeworthy Life

Cringe: an inward shiver of embarrassment when thinking about our past actions.

We follow others. We assumed a posture, but suddenly we don’t believe any of it any more. We remember all those things we did and said that justified our beliefs. This is especially so with spiritual groups that create a culture within a culture, and we follow along blissfully.

Spirituality is the observation of psychology at work within the essential nature of pure mind consciousness. It is not about belonging, believing and justifying.

When we recognise this in our mind, we have to forgive our selves, as we knew not what we did – or why we did it ;D That honest cringe is the shock needed to wake up, and stop following the crowd. Conforming may seem as if it’s going somewhere, but is it going to where we want to go? True understanding.

To wake up, we need to drop our need for fancy dress, fancy names, or fancy traditions. They attracted us at the start and, as such, are useful, but then we need direct experience and realisation. Ordinary people can do this. We just have to realise that we are ordinary pure consciousness, and then the rest of our life merely plays itself out without us re-enacting any fanciness. The more we realise, the simpler it all becomes.

We don’t even need a teacher or exotic texts, or have to study anything. Life itself is both our teacher and text. We are naturally aware because we are natural awareness, pure awareness. Our path is go from cringing to unshakeable confidence.

Don’t cringe for others,
as there is no end to that.

Through empathy,
we can apply compassion.

There’s no end to that either.

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