When The Programme Malfunctions


There are moments when we just don’t feel ‘right’.
Unfortunately, we look for solace
to get us back into the action in order to feel good.

We have been bombarded from cradle to grave
with cultural nonsense and spiritual platitudes
that only seem to be the path to happiness, but are not.
They’re just more programming.

Humans have a naturally decent programme
but are easily influenced,
and become reliant on those influences.
It’s a seductive trap.

In those moments of not feeling ‘right’,
there is a glitch in our programming.
We can’t sustain feeling right,
and panic because we are out of our habitual pattern.

In that moment, we can step out of this programming.
Just fall silent, switching off and pulling the plug out.

There is no software calculating,
and no hard drive to store it on.

Suddenly, life is like a wild jungle full of wild people.
The rawness of life is fine out in the wilderness,
where we have to watch every step, but feel alive.

It might seem that we are falling down a bottomless pit.
A bottomless pit has no limitations
and is perfectly safe.

No one can now switch us back on.

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