Is There A Universal, Creative Principle?

If so, is that creative principle for our benefit,
or is it a distraction?
Is there more to our reality?

We talk about God, Nature, Love, Self and Consciousness; are they all one? Do we have a preference among them? Or is there something more obvious, staring us in the face?

God is said to be the supreme being which has always existed, and who created us all. If God has always existed, then the same must be said of Nature, because the universe is infinite with neither beginning nor end. Nature is the relationship between attraction and repulsion, which creates causes and conditions for phenomena to form.

It could be said that, for causes and conditions to occur, there has to be a sense of a relationship; a harmony. Is this harmony, in fact, Love? When the ‘right’ karmic harmony is in place, the corresponding karmic consciousness enters.

In an infinite universe, are consciousnesses infinitely transmigrating, looking for a home? For consciousness to survive in a form, it has to obey the laws of attraction and repulsion: in human terms, that is desire and judgement – we have to know what’s beneficial to eat, and what isn’t. This how life seems to run, until we become dissatisfied with this story.

We can realise that we are constantly relating to someone or something and, in doing so, we bind ourselves to a state of mental duality which separates us from others, and we cannot let go. Our body, speech and mind abide by certain standards led by others’ conformity.

Our investigation has to start with consciousness for, without that, nothing would be known. It is this consciousness that is holding everything together – as an individual and as a collective – and we come to realise that this consciousness is constantly being distracted .

Is the universe conscious? Well, is a plant conscious? They both obey laws of attraction and repulsion, and do not and cannot step outside these laws. As long as we are also governed by attraction and repulsion, we cannot be said to be conscious and awake, but are just going through a routine of our own making through ignorance of our true reality.

Is there more to our reality?
Yes. It is the very nature of consciousness itself. When realised, consciousness is non-dual, pure experience. It needs no dualistic ideas relating to God, Nature, Love, Self or even Consciousness, even though these are seductive and comforting. Clinging to any ideas is an entrapment.

When consciousness is realised as pure experience,
then we open up a path to enlightenment.

Enlightenment is passing beyond all opposites.
Darkness is known because of Light,
which is the clarity of seeing.

Within that, there is no darkness.
We are free in the moment of seeing.

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