If We Think The World Is Mad …

… then what is our part in it?

Humans are unenlightened beings
and are therefore governed by our neuroses and fixated ideas.
We are potentially enlightened, but chose to ignore this.

Our madness is maintained by winding ourselves up,
running away from being wound up
– which still winds us up –
or ignoring the fact that we are wound up.

When we become wound-up, we become wounded.
This is another name for suffering.

Acknowledging suffering
is the path to enlightenment.
Enlightenment is freedom from our own tyranny.
As soon as we see, we are free.

This isn’t a matter of being free from others:
it is being free of the way that we see.
It is pure seeing, pure consciousness that is free.

Madness is merely part of a universal process
whereby all beings seek lasting happiness.
Each individual in their own good time
will realise their enlightened nature.

Whatever we do will not change the world.
As a collective, it will change in its own good time.
While we are made busy condemning others,
we delay our own progress.

Madness is believing that everything is permanent,
but this madness is not a permanent state.
While the universe is in constant change,
that which recognises change never changes.

Be happy unwinding the wind-up!

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