Time To Know What To Value

World freedom is being restricted. It’s like a science fiction horror film. Only the body and mind can actually be restricted, however. The witness, the audience, pure consciousness, looks on without any restriction.

That witness has been with us all our life.
We are that witness.
That is what to value.
Anything else is a theatre of illusion.

Illusions come to pass, while our ultimate reality of uncontaminated consciousness is ever present. When we recognise this only reality, then we know we are free. Practise stillness, and realise this one truth.

This body and mind isn’t supposed to last forever, but we can enjoy every moment without fear or hope. It is hope and fear that drive us to believe in the illusions presented to us.

This moment can either appear as medical imprisonment (or martial law), or a perfect time to retreat from collective hysteria. We simply focus on whatever we have to do mindfully, let go and come to rest.

Solitary confinement is actually freedom.
This is the perfect catalyst for enlightenment.

We are not here to entertain ourselves, or pass the time away with pointless activities when we can find meaning to life. Find the one point that gives meaning to life, and value it. That will make life precious and never boring.

Simply look closer:
pure consciousness is already enlightened.

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