A View Of Karma

Karma is what we carry around with us; it’s our ambience, our vibration of ideas. It’s an aura surrounding a person. All the people whom we know … we know! Say a word or name to someone, and off they go. The main point is that whatever we recognise in others is within us also. They can see our aura!

This karma is like an anchor, weighing us down with ideas and emotions. Recognising what is weighing us down is our teacher; ‘the teacher of all phenomena’. When we recognise the karmic effects that inhibit our abilities to love, then we cut the links to the anchor of self.

We are afraid of love because we think of our self too much. That is the karmic effect. When we can listen without reacting, we are free to love without expectations – and then we are free of karma.

No one said it was easy … 😀

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