Learning How To Relate To Others

From a Dharma point of view, learning how to relate to others is empathy. It is through sadness which arises from recognising that emotions obscure our true state of inner peace that we can have compassion. Even though we talk about absolute reality as opposed to relative reality, we still have to function (nicely) as humans.

We all have a karmic propensity, a persona. This is the vehicle by which we expression ourselves, and it is by understanding this that we can relate to others. In fact, the more suffering and dissatisfaction we experience, the more we can empathise and relate.

Everyone wants someone to listen to them. Understanding this, we learn to listen to others without judgement. Discrimination is still present as we know what is beneficial and what is harmful.

We can recognise that others feel right in their view, while noting that their view may be disturbing them.

From a Dharma point of view, we are learning the clarity of pacifying, magnetising, enriching and destroying (which is merely cutting through, and has nothing to do with aggression).

May the Bodhicitta (unconditional selflessness) arise within consciousness.
May emptiness (uncontaminated reality) arise within consciousness.
May non-aggression (causing no harm) arise within consciousness.

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