Healing And Provoking

We either need to become stable before we can cut through our opinions, or cut through our opinions in order to become stable. The sort of mind we have will dictate the approach we need; one isn’t superior to the other. Hopefully, this blog covers both 🙂

Because we are delicately dedicated to our opinions, we need an approach that frees consciousness from ideas, by allowing our mind to see clear either through healing or provoking.

Stress and anxiety create a disturbance in our subtle body. In modern terms, this is our nervous system while, in ancient terms, it is explained as ‘winds, energies and channels’.

Stress and anxiety are created by our mind’s confusion and doubt, as we lack an honest understanding of the way we actually work – we just arrive here and join the chaos! 😀

Through this habit pattern, tensions can occur in the body: a name or a symbol creates a reaction in our mind, and then in the body. We experience this through feeling; this has been proved scientifically though ‘branding’ observation.

This old video explains how we can control subtle body ‘wind’ to ease tension. In Tibetan, this is called ‘lung’ (pronounced ‘loong’). I chose to do this 108 times once a day for six months to get my ‘lung’ down, but this may not be necessary for every individual. You may find that, when interacting with others, the lung rises, and doing the practice for just a few moments can help you feel more relaxed.

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