The Ultimate Practice And Realisation Of Dharma Is Karma!

Why is it difficult to communicate?
Communication is the real practice.
Communication is not just talking.
Communication is a karmic experience and realisation.
Karma is the product of our personal past, held in the mind.

All responses are karmic.
When anything comes to mind, that is karma!

Although we all, in essence, are pure consciousness, our human side of relating has had different nurturing experiences to which our level of nature reacts and, as a result, we all respond differently (more or less). In general, we can get along, but a moment can arrive when a situation becomes more electrified and our system is overloaded – and the differences show.

There is no easy answer here, because this all depends on our ability to pause, and avoid escalating the situation. Escalating the situation is what evil does, so we don’t want to go there as that has repercussions, ie karma 🙂

Still, there is the desire to communicate – or rather, to put our point over. Now we start to see the problem! Attentive silence may appear infuriating, but it does allow space. We may not want to react, but others may not be able to control themselves. If we have done many practices for many years but cannot communicate attentively, it’s worthwhile reviewing what our practice actually is.

We are now in a karmic situation. It is only we who can decide what to do next, or, allow the other(s) to decide what to do next.

Karma can either have a good outcome or an unfortunate outcome. The moment we don’t react is the very moment when we evolve and change our karmic future. All responses are karmic. When anything comes to mind, that is karma!

In the moment of conflict, energies rise up and the mind feels uncomfortable: with understanding and non-reaction, these energies drop down again and, within that space and dependent upon our ability, we remain centred. There can now be a moment of true communication and a feeling of upliftedness, of ‘flying’.

The inner voice whispers, “That wasn’t so difficult, was it?”.
No longer seeing through a glass darkly, there can only be love.

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