Evil Is Dharma (Knowledge) Unrealised

The true Dharma is the realisation of our pure nature or essence of consciousness, and that which obscures this knowledge. These obscurations are the three universal laws of attraction, repulsion and indifference. In human terms, they are desire (hope), aversion (fear) and ignorance (not knowing our true nature): these three poisons (which are actually wisdoms when realised) bind, control and set us against one another.

It’s very simple to see that humans can be controlled by fuelling their desires, aversions and ignorance. That’s it. This is evil in action. It’s that simple. True reality is never discussed by the media, which considers people to be just silly consumers.

And here is the great secret as to why there is so much intrusion into our lives. The moment we stop believing and reacting to the media, we start to think for ourselves, and then we see that we are free. That’s it. This is true Dharma in action.

Everything comes about through causes and conditions: if a cause and condition is engineered, an effect will appear. It’s not magic – it’s perfect mathematics. With the right ingredients, you create a biscuit, a car, a computer, a syndrome, confusion … everything has a cause and an effect.

Instinctively, we all know Dharma – what is beneficial and what is harmful – but cling to ideas obscuring pure intention and motivation. Knowledge can be used either for good or evil. If we don’t question how a state of mind comes about, then we will never know the answer.

No question, no answer.
Know question, know answer.

The answer is in our own questioning.
The questioner is pure consciousness …
“What is it?” and “How is it?”

If bullets are flying past our head, we can infer that they came from a gun, and someone was behind it. Likewise, when trivia is fired at us, we can infer that it came from the media, and someone was behind it.

Evil is addiction; it always wants more. Evil can never realise ultimate truth, because ultimate truth is pure cognisance where there is nothing to gain. Evil cannot understand there being nothing to gain, but uses superficial knowledge of Dharma for its own advancement, and will create a life of hell for everyone who consents.

Spiritual liberation is the realisation of what is true,
while recognising our altered state of mind.

Altered state: a state of mind that differs from the normal state of consciousness, typically one induced by drugs, hypnosis, or mental disorder.

A mental disorder: also called a mental illness, or psychiatric disorder, is a behavioural or mental pattern that causes significant distress or impairment of personal functioning (not seeing clearly – TB).

If we do not see evil,
speak about evil,
or hear about evil,
we won’t see it coming
in our mind!


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