The Pyramid Of Awareness

At each level of consciousness, we don’t recognise whatever is above or beyond until we have a conflict with where we are now, when we experience the suffering of dissatisfaction, which is the first noble truth.

If something from above is said to someone below at the wrong time, they neither hear it nor recognise it. This is how teachings are self-secret, and it is for this reason that we might go a lecture and fall asleep! Been there, done that πŸ˜€

It’s possible that someone with knowledge from above will try to lord it over someone at a lower level; lacking compassion, they are on a different pyramid. It’s only when we take a teaching to heart – experience it for ourselves – that it makes sense, otherwise it just seems ‘boring’ (in a can’t-understand way). As long as we stay bored, we will look for something easier and more ‘interesting’ that we can do for years, decades, a life time…

We may want ‘special, secret teachings’, but these only come about when we are truly dissatisfied and disappointed. The truth is that the higher we go, the more transparent things appear, as everything – including self – is just a temporary event, and inherently empty of reality.

Secrets are not kept from us.
Mysteries are for those who are mystified!

We’ve all heard of the pyramid of the-all-seeing-eye; this pyramid of control has its opposite of all-seeing pure consciousness of freedom.

It’s best to know which pyramid we are climbing.
The knowledge is the same in both,
but one culminates in the wisdom of emptiness
while the other ends in tears.

The controlling pyramid is a mind virus.
The pure consciousness pyramid is the healer.

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  1. Obbs says:

    So what should we do ?
    Try our best to live in the present moment with gratitude, compassion and not reacting ?

    • tony says:

      Hello Obbs,
      That sounds about right.
      But, this is from a realisation of the ultimate view of resting in pure consciousness.

      We still have to deal with whatever the world and our karma throws at us.

      Mainly it is being aware of selfish forces trying to distract our minds, and we can do this quite cheerfully.

      Not reacting, stops our habitual responses, then the trolls cannot get any satisfaction, and go somewhere else.

      We need compassion for them too. Gratitude is realising that we finally see what is going on, and we remain confident and unshakable.

      It’s all a test! πŸ˜€


  2. Ben Naga says:

    Gives a whole new meaning (or two) to “Let go. You’re hurting me.” πŸ™‚

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