Slipping Into Self-Knowing Awareness

Slipping into self-knowing awareness happens
when we slipped out of
our dream state, our routine, our personal goal.

We assume that we are aware, but this awareness is only concerned with whatever is perceived, rather than the self-knowing awareness that is our accurate reality. We may think, “Well, what does that matter?” The truth is that, if our attention is always drawn to phenomena and how we can get our own way, we will never know our first reality of consciousness that is self-knowing, and we will be led by the nose and completely controlled.

Our conventional reality is merely a projection on the wall of our mind that we believe to be real and obey, just as Plato described in his cave projections of shadows on the wall. It’s a shock to realise that we do not see that we see.

Self-knowing awareness is consciousness just seeing, without ideas or comments present. In the first moment, we are pure awareness, but we slip out in the next moment because of personal desires. Spiritual practice is merely remembering which one is real – the seeing or whatever is seen.

When we know that the just seeing – self-knowing awareness – is our reality, whatever is seen – all appearances – are merely a reminder. This is the union of heaven and hell! So, there is nothing to fear … ever!

We suffer from a mind virus; the clarity of self-knowing awareness heals this infected mind. Slip into something more comfortable today!

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