I Don’t Want To Meditate

I don’t want to meditate.
Then don’t.
Just be aware of being aware.
That’s not difficult, is it?

That’s just being ‘normal’, and that’s meditation.
Don’t make it into a thing.
Sit with a straight back to breathe naturally.

Short moments many times: Become aware of awareness. Rest in that. Drop it. Relax. Become aware of awareness …

We can do this at any moment throughout the day, just bringing awareness to mind. That is being conscious of being conscious. When nothing else is occurring, that is pure consciousness – our ultimate state. Gradually, these moments join up.

Being aware, we notice everything outside and inside – phenomena and our reactions – but we don’t hang on to whatever is perceived, as that only creates emotions. We don’t hang on to the meditation, – being aware – either; we just rest in naturalness. When we notice we are drifting off or becoming involved in thoughts, we come back to just being aware. It’s important to note that, while perceiving through the senses, there is no thought present; that pure perception is still meditation.

We may ask, “So what’s so great about that?” Well, the mind becomes clearer, and less cluttered and emotional. We are more at peace, less stressed, more amenable. Life feels good. When problems occur, we don’t panic and react out of habit, but just deal with them in the best way we can, without making things worse. We are learning, and training the mind. In the collective way of life, we are not complete beings – we are reactionaries! As practitioners, we are totally in control.

If this isn’t good enough, then wonder why.
If we have questions, then we have answers.
If we become indifferent and have no questions, we will think things just happen. Our life is born out of chaos and confusion, and so we fight with everything and everyone. It needn’t be like that; we can reason and understand.

Note well.
No one ever became enlightened by meditating.
Enlightenment is dropping the meditation.
Just being aware.

We only meditate when we forget awareness,
so when we are aware again, we drop the meditation.

Just being aware is pure consciousness,
the real life within.

Meditation – don’t make it into an exotic thing!
Don’t copy others.

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