We Will Never See the Truth
Until We Can Control Our Mind

Gently and slowly, take 10 breaths.
Breath in, pause. Exhale, pause. Count “One”.
Breath in, pause. Exhale, pause. Count “Two”.
And so on …

Be aware of thoughts, but do not follow them. If you do become distracted and forget what you are doing, go back to one and start again.

Gradually you will be able to do this without allowing any thoughts to occur. When you can reach 108, that’s pretty advanced (although we only have to count the breath for a moment or two to bring us back to realisation).

This is how we control our mind, stopping it from wandering and behaving in its habitual way. The ‘pause’ time – in which we notice that awareness is present – starts to lengthen as we relax. There is nothing else occurring, and we become more aware of awareness during the pause.

When looking into this awareness, we find nothing but awareness or consciousness. Finding nothing else, we realise that we are nothing but awareness or consciousness. The mind now ceases to control us. Thoughts will arise, but we know what is aware of these thoughts.

We don’t have to be perfect meditators. We just have to aware of what is happening in the mind, and that which is aware of those happenings. We may find (and will find) that the mind seems to become ‘worse’, with more thoughts. Good! This means we are noticing more.

When looking for the truth, we will never find it. It is only realised through becoming aware of that which is the seeing; that is the truth. We have been the truth all along. Stop looking. Just see.

One more step: when consciousness becomes aware of itself, it realises – in finding nothing else but consciousness – that that is pure consciousness, pure cognisance. That is the ultimate reality we seek. It’s not in a book.

Ordinary people can realise ordinary pure consciousness as, in truth, it’s nothing special. What is special is full realisation of enlightenment. You don’t see much of that around!

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