Are You Still Looking For Words … I Mean, Programming?

The mind needs to be provoked, or it will just snooze on.

When we read words in books (or blogs), we get ideas. When we listen to words during teachings, we get ideas. In chanting texts, we become religious. Through studying those words, we become scholars.

For some, words are enough. For others, this isn’t satisfying because we need actual experience of those words, otherwise life seems pointless as we can no longer live through others’ ideas – we cannot take their word for things.

  • Religious people (those who become bound) programme themselves by follow the rules through fear.

Religion: ‘obligation, bond, reverence’, perhaps based on Latin religare ‘to bind’.

  • Scholars programme themselves by following the words in the hope of finding something new.

  • Those who don’t care follow the crowd, and are programmed through indifference, while thinking they follow nobody.

In realising the influences of these three inclinations,

we develop wisdom and empathy through introspection.

No longer looking for words,
these come by themselves through realisation.

In our aloneness,
we are no longer alone!

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